Get away from the stress and take a drive down the coast


Living in Big Sur for the first 12 years of my life, I definitely took it for granted.  The drive from Carmel/Civilization to real Big Sur is 26.2 miles (distance of the Big Sur marathon that takes place in April annually).  So many beautiful attractions to see in only a day may seem impossible, but I’m going to give you a few tips.  First off, the view of the ocean is the best part of the trip, and despite the windy road that may make one car sick, keep your eyes on the deep blue.  The half way point is called Polo Colorado, and some students consider that to be Big Sur which is COMPLETELY incorrect.


Coming up on 20 miles in is a small VOLCANO, yes, called the Light House.  Anyone can leisurely stroll up the mountain accompanied by volunteers to see this landmark. Coming up next to the left will be the only school within miles; Captain Cooper Elementary is where I went to school through 5th grade and is a very beautiful school up a windy mile road.  This school was established in the early 1900’s by a real captain.  Soon after this stop will be many restaurants like The River Inn where they have yummy burritos and drinks by the river.  The best place to camp is Big Sur State Park.  Their campground goes on for miles until one can hike up to the gorge, get on a raft, and cruise down the river for miles and miles.  This truly is the best place to visit and interact with nature.


In the campground, a baseball league, know as socko takes place.  This league is competetive and my brother plays on the famous Burrito Brothers team.  On Monday and Tuesday nights, 2 games are played here and the whole community literally comes to support.  The game is played on a “sandlot” which makes the game unpredictable and original.  The rules are different as well to account for “tree balls”.  This community is really closely knit, and one can see by this league alone.

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4 Responses to Get away from the stress and take a drive down the coast

  1. lesssliieeee says:

    I love going to Big Sur! My family and friends like to go and hike there or just chill on the beach. T Its a beautiful place! I can stare at the scenery for hours. This is one place I like to go to and sit there alone and just think about stuff.

  2. ruthieoo says:

    I had no idea there is a volcano on the central coast! Thanks for inspiring our nice staycation, Sierra!

  3. theheat7 says:

    The last time I’ve ever gone to Big Sur was probably 4 years ago or so. It looks like such a nice place to just look out into the view of the ocean and that basically just takes all my stress away

  4. I actually went to Big Sur last week with my friends. The view was so beautiful. We went hiking in Pfeiffer Falls and Asilomar. It’s a perfect for a picnic and or camping day!

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